A Pill for Greed

Editorial Illustration

Fact + Fact = Fiction

In this project 2 unrelated articles from the Jan.26th edition of The New York Times were chosen based on factual information or current events.  A fictional story was created based on these two unrelated narratives by using text extracted from each article.  Graphics for these stories were created using the constraints: Size 12″ x 22″  Color: black/white/gray  Text ONLY, NO Images.

The two stories where:

The first step: Creating the narrative.  I cut out sections from the articles that I thought could help create the story line.  Choosing the main concepts of each was somewhat clear, but focusing the narrative down became challenging.  It started to take on a life of it’s own and I had to bring it back down to a clean narrative.

Below is the final iteration of the story.  It was interesting to me how it grew into a weird political derangement.  I don’t even know what this is really saying yet.  I’m confused by it a bit myself.  But that is also part of what makes it feel so real. These stories parallels in reality are just as convoluted, just as uncertain.  Like a wind that blows in different directions, you can’t fact all truths at once.

In an article last month in the journal PLoS New Biology, the Duke geneticist David B. Goldsteinphand his colleagues sent shock waves of hope and controversy around the globe. They proposed to use a new form of genetic “Morality” testing in cases where the moral and ethical response of one individual can have vast and possibly global impact on the state of humanity and the environment. Those shock waves are being felt again today as new legislation has approved by The New Government for the use of genetic testing in prosecution of crimes against humanity and the environment.The purpose of the $3 billion project to decode the human genome, completed in 2003, was to discover the genetic roots of common diseases like diabetes, cancerand Alzheimer’s. The discovery of a common mutation of the G5H1 gene among the wealthy population lead to the study of a gross mutation found in an equal measure among the prison population. In 2012 The New Government led genome study found that those found to have this gross mutation of the G5H1 gene where all lacking moral integrity.The New Government’s special investigator, Neil M. Barofsky has been given authority to hunt down and test anyone involved with the bailout abuse of 2008/2009 using this new a method of genetic testing. Mr. Barofsky is backed by new federal agents who carry guns and badges and, if necessary, can break the locks off file cabinets.So far, Mr. Barofsky has accused the former Treasury secretary, Henry M. Paulson Jr., of misleading the public about the health of the nation’s biggest banks during the crisis of 2008. He has been investigating the taxpayer-subsidized shotgun wedding of Merrill Lynchto Bank of America. He has named a group of bonus recipients at the American International Group who promised to return $45 million to their government-owned employer, then coughed up less than half of it.“The Food and Oil Companies are next. We’re just testing the water with the national guys we know are guilty. This’ll give us the authority to seize their family assets. These assets will be liquidated and used to help fund public projects. When we go for the big wolves we’ll need the support of the world’s public” Mr. Barofsky stated.

“You want to pursue every lead, every bit of evidence, everything to persuade the jury,” Mr. Barofsky said.

In this case the jury is the public, who suspect they have poured trillions of dollars down a black hole.

With the recent increase in rationing of electricity, food and water and a universal blackout of poorer areas around the world, the public is looking for the reason those in power “never saw it coming”. In a suburb of Queens New York one woman responded to the news.

“They say they didn’t see it coming, but then we find out they’ve been off the grid for years! They saw it coming and they got ready. They have biospheres behind those walls and we’re left to starve!”

“Taxpayers really want to know,” Mr. Barofsky said. “I think too often in Washington, people underestimate how interested the public is.”

The public seems pleased that someone is standing up to the corporations, banks and the officials who failed them. Mr. Barofsky has received over 30 million tips to follow, he said. And The New Congress expanded his powers last year.

The New Icelandic gene-hunting firm deCODE Genetics, which emerged last year from bankruptcy, has led the march in convicting those in The New Government to convict individuals those who gobble up the resources of the world without regard to current or future humanity. deCODE Genetics along with The New Government have also developed a medication that is shown to eliminate greed from individuals who test positive for the G5H1 gene mutation. They hope to pass future measures to require certain public positions to submit to taking the drug.

The next step is to make the Graphic.
Size 12″ x 22″
Color: black/white/gray
Text ONLY, NO Images

Inspiration and Resources, Business

Again looked at images for Greed, Money, and Business.  These were interesting:

Inspiration and Resources, Science

I started looking online at images for DNA, Genes,and Science; and then every combination of those I could muster.  I got some great inspiration.  My first search was for DNA Sequencing Gels, I remembered these from forensic and was intrigued with the black, gray and white soft blurry graphic, also in this columned structure.  These are my favorite images found on the Science side of my story.
GE Healthcare.

DNA Magenta high-lighted DNA sequencing gel from The University of Arizona.

The art of Lois Goglia

This was absolutely amazing. From Molecular Sequence-Based Strain Identification.  I’ve cropped it down into the 12×22 format and I really like the composition and the added meaning gives it a nice history.
AcMNPV DNA replication. This diagram shows a hypothetical relationship of the baculovirus replication factors along with several factors, DNA ligase and topoisomerase that are likely contributed by the host. IE1 is also shown, although its role is unknown. Diagram courtesy of and modified from a figure by Mariana Ruiz.  DNA replication and genome processing — Baculovirus Molecular Biology — NCBI Bookshelf.

The DNA molecule is a complementary pair; each strand of the helix mirrors the other. From the Evolution of Matter, 5, John DavidGarcia, 1991, All rights Reserved.

The EMBO Journal

I’m experimenting the text as texture and implied image.  In a few of the iterations I’ve produced I did use simple black and white images, like the DNA gels) in the composition.  These were mainly for my pleasure and went outside of the constraints of the assignment.

These are a few of the layers I’m working with.

The following are the two designs I decided to use.  I chose two as a reflection of the medicated and unmedicated.

The idea being that the drug would suppress the tendencies of greed, but that it would never be able to completely eliminate it.  The underlying desire and the complexity of “need” is not cured by the drug, so in the medicated representation (the  darker image) still retains a shadow of the mutated gene and the remaining greed has the possibility to spread and changed locations in the structure.

The barcode/blurred receipt effect of the repeated slice of type came from looking at all the cab, bar, and bodega receipts that I can’t  read. You know the ones, where the print is all broken up. (The idea of not being able to track your spending and that’s it all a blur.  Commerce gone awry :)

These are a few thumbnails of iterations I liked: