I’m a designer, director and creative technologist; passionate about art, culture and science. Over the last few years I’ve been building an amazing team of designers, developers, thinkers and doers within the Technology department at A+E Networks. And we’ve been doing pretty awesome things. Most of that work I can’t post about, NDAs and all, and some old treasures were just **lost over time. So, this site is a collection of things I’ve created, been a part of creating or thought of doing. You will find what inspires me and makes me think. I’ll try to get in some of the conferences, classes and events I’ve attended and participated. All of this, from early college ’til now (or as much as I can remember and keep).

This is not a traditional portfolio. This is a website about my process, production and journey; where I keep my notes and inspirations – and a place where you can learn a little more about what I do and how I do it.

So to that point. I save what I can – for better AND worst. Inside this site you’ll encounter not the “cleanest” writing or drawing or design. A lot of what’s done and written here was for myself, so the imperfections and dyslexic tendencies were easy to overlook (as long as I got my thought down). This site is also about evolution, so a lot of different kinds of work are represented; the good, the bad and the ugly.

**great example of “lost to time” art: my first digital animation, created in the Sony lab my sophomore year @ SCAD. I still have it’s little coffin, a grey plastic disk holding the rotten bits of code that use to be a dancing “Genie” materializing from a smoking bottle.

Bit Rot, the struggle is real.


product design
creative direction
visual and graphic design
user experience design
narrative design
interaction design
forensic and fine art

Work Statement

My ideas tend to be big and my work is mainly collaborative. I grow by inspiring and challenging my teams and colleagues in the search for better ways to do new things at the intersection of art, design, technology and culture. And! I come with a proven track record of creating first class conceptual designs and managing diverse groups of people.

One of the things I like most about what I do is working with others to create something enjoyable and useful with our talents; working to stimulate our creativity and helping others thrive in a collaborative environment. My goal as a design consultant, producer and director is to be the creative and organizing principle that brings people with unique skills together. I value expertise equally across all involved disciplines*.  This allows a team to see a vision through for each project, while allowing that vision to progress and evolve. The tremendous reward and value in mentoring, growing people and being a contributing part of a nurturing and positive culture are part of what draw me to any situation.

A chief enjoyment of mine is research; to organize and analyze the minutia and the left brain logical abstraction of the concrete that can generate new ways of thinking. I enjoy using my left brain as much as the right and I have been told this is a unique trait for a creative right brain thinker. Yet, I’ve the pleasure of working with enough folks like me that I know I’m not alone.

Artist Statement

My personal work asks us to examine narratives in a way that goes beyond “just the facts” – beyond the science. While it challenges the assumptions that govern how we perceive and make sense of evidence within systems of authority. In addition my work presumes to challenge the stories associated with those assumptions. I examine the stories that we create with the filters of religion, politics, culture, history, science and art. Because I want to examine how do these stories – their facts, tone and intention – change when we consider them through those lenses? Finally, I do not presume to answer these question, only to add to this conversation and enlighten the dialogue.