Deleon Tequila

Deleon needed some enhancements to the user experience of their website, specifically, parts of the main navigation. The focus was on a particular pain point in the integration and cross referencing of video and image assets from the video library and the media galleries for their concert series.

Task oriented user testing was conducted and heuristic evaluations were made.  Users were interviewed and feedback was taken, new designs were iterated on and more user testing was conducted until the information architecture and and site navigation fit the mental model of the site’s users.  The navigational flow was streamlined and made more intuitive, the UI was updated to reflect the new navigation.


For Deleon’s  877 Spirits eCommerce site I created developed the UI and Visual Design following strict brand guidelines and constraints from the host site.

I prepared the assets for a billboard campaign that ran throughout LA,

deleon tequila la billboard

and designed the UI for their Facebook business page.